When her mother could not find a ballet teacher in their tiny Nebraska town, seven-year-old C.S. reluctantly agreed to try piano lessons. It took only three weeks of bribes from her mother before C.S. couldn't keep her hands off the keys. By the time she was thirteen years old, her mother began to implore: "Stop playing the piano!" (Playing the piano six hours a day would drive any mother crazy.) Her piano teacher beckoned, as did those black and white keys, and a wonderful relationship formed.


She began to fill her days with myriads of pianistic creations. She dabbled in sound and sound mixture, creating piece after piece of new musical thought. By the time she finished high school, her music teacher offered to spotlight her compositions in a community concert—dedicated solely to her music. She continued to pursue the music muse by studying as a music major at Arizona State University, Colorado State University, and Brigham Young University. As she studied, she continued to perform and compose, reflecting life as she saw it—full of fragmented jewel-toned joys or darker shades of sorrow.


She has performed on television, in theatrical productions, and in local clubs, lodges, and country clubs. She also was featured as Anne Frank with the Florida Orchestra before an audience of international guests to commemorate KristallNacht. Through all this, her compositions continue to mount. She says, "I can't help it — the desire to create for me is as natural and insistent as breathing!"


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